At the beginning of the year I shared my yearly goals. I split the into each quarter. The first quarter was to have a membership site. To be honest, it was the most challenging venture me and my small team have ever taken. I truly underestimated the work involved and a few months later I was burnt out and had to take time off to try and re-energize. Recently I attended a conference and spoke to other experts with membership sites. It turns out, I am not alone. I understand this is normal especially with membership sites, it happens to the best of us. When you take that big project or even start something new, burnout may happen.  So how do you handle that?
      Well there are many options, you could take a sabbatical like me  and hopefully come back.There is danger to this though, coming back might not be as easy as you planned.It’s easy to get comfortable in your new world. Sometimes, working on something new and totally different could help with riding the fatigue, but again you could dread coming back to the first project.
       Personally I feel the best way is to chug along, share with like minded individuals how you are feeling and your challenges. It could be your mastermind or other people on  the same journey as you are. Its really nice to know there are other people who might have gone through the same experience.
     At the end of the day, look at how much time you have spent on that project and how fast you need to move onto the next project to keep your goals in check. In my case, I had committed to starting a podcast in May. To make this happen , I enrolled in a podcast class, hence having a mastermind group or accountability partner  is key. Truly had I not enrolled in this podcast class, I would have just let the podcast dream out of the window.
     Do you ever feel like letting your dreams out of the window just because there is so much tech involved? Maybe you just get tired? I am here today to tell you, you are not alone, I have been there too and I have almost given up but I am so glad I didn’t because I would not be where I am today. If you ever feel that way, please join me inside the Facebook group and tell me about your dreams that went out of the window. I would love to talk to you about it.
    Lastly revisit your  BIG WHY.. Why you do what you do everyday. Every time I revisit my big why  I am continually reminded how I can not afford to give up because the world needs me, Africa needs me. Remember, you are the change that will have an impact in your family, friends or community and imagine what would happen to them if you give up. If I had given up, there are people who would not have clean drinking water as I speak so I need to keep going and build as many boreholes as I can, if I can stop 1 extra  child from being eaten by a crocodile while fetching water, I will be very happy. If I could eliminate poverty in 1 household just by empowering 1 person, I will be happy. So I can’t afford to give up!

Don’t give up, the future has so much in store for you, go back your yearly goals and get going!
Happy Easter!

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