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Something interesting happened in my life the past few months. Some might call it fall out, some might call it tough luck but I have decided to call it my summit.
Yes, my Summit. I can safely say May 2017 was the worst month of my life in the past decade and I reached my summit-hooray! Everything fell apart, and I mean everything. From my computer, my appliances, my mind, my teenage daughter, my house, just everything.

I cried for the first time in a long time. I could not handle it, it truly was a very testing period but there is something my mentor told me.
You are about to reach a big breakthrough, this was confirmed by listening to Joel Osteen for the first time in my life.
When you are about to reach a breakthrough, it gets tough, things really get hard giving you options- To surrender and let the higher power take control or to give up and go back.
How many times have you felt like that in your life, where you just want to give up, it could be in a relationship, a course, school or career opportunity? It happens to the best of us but I ask you, please do not give up. You are about to reach the summit. After your summit, it is so much easier. I am seeing a lot of giving up from people.

No one ever achieved financial independence by giving up and trying something new. Always stick with the plan, its the only way you can reach success.

Maybe you are one of my students who feels like giving up, let me ask you this, do you have plan B? Will plan B  give you better financial Independence or you will be back looking for options. When its getting harder, you are about to reach your summit, do not turn back.

Think of it as climbing a mountain, remember how hard it is just before you hit the peak, but the fulfillment you get when you get to the peak and how you feel coming down after reaching the summit is surreal.  Seriously its one of the best feelings ever. So why then would you want to turn around just before the summit?

I just wanted to share this to you and say Conquer the resistance to turn back.
Keep going, press hard and your financial Independence is close.

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